Mill Rollers

Perforated Mill Rollers

- Specially designed Bronze Nozzles
- May increase juice extraction by 1 - 2.5%
- May decrease Bagasse moisture by 2 – 3%

Blank Shells



- Fully machined to produce precise and smooth profiles
- Optional Tooth profile induction hardening to increase wear resistance

Bearing Housings & Liners

- Water-Cooled design liners for Mill Roll Bearings
- Wide range of Bronze material options such as:
BS1400 : LG-4
BS1400 : PB-1
BS1400 : PB-2

Trashplates & Scrapers

- Fully machine cut teeth to ensure smooth profiles
- Optional hardfacing

Conventional Couplings & Tailbars

Multi-Misalignment Coupling

Slow Speed Gears


Cane Knife Rotor

Triple Blade Cane Knife Assembly
Double Blade Cane Knife Assembly

Shredder Rotor

Shredder Hammers & Blocks

Cane Knives & Tips

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