Conventional Mill Rollers

Manufactured according to customer specific requirements with the option of a variety of Forged steel shaft materials such as EN3A, EN14B and EN8. Shell, fully machined and grooved with options of Chevrons or Messchaert grooves to be included.  Juice flanges and guards, fully machined and fitted prior to delivery.

  • Our Portfolio includes a large range of sizes from 26”x 52” to 60”x 12”
  • Choice of Cast Iron, Cast Steel or modified Special Alloy Shell material to increase wear resistance while still eliminating risk of brittleness.
  • Main Supplier of the Qadri Skoda, Fives Fletcher & Fives Cail Design rollers
  • We offer door to door service.
  • NDT Testing of shafts & shaft repairs

Perforated Mill Rollers

Higher milling efficiency is achieved by installing Perforated Mill rollers on a Mill.

  • No special alteration is required in your existing mill to install perforated Mill rollers.
  • Extraction expected to increase by 1 – 2.5%
  • Bagasse moistures may decrease by 2 – 3%
  • Optimum performance is observed as a Top roll position.
  • Perfect solution to minimise flooding and resultant juice-reabsorption during milling.

Blank Shells

Manufactured and rough machined to size for easy shrink fitting and final machining onsite.


Replacement headstocks manufactured according to customer provided drawing with the option of our design specialists upgrading to heavy-duty type headstocks for longer life span and reduced need to refurbish during off-crop.


Designed and tested using simulation software to evaluate the tooth profile and smooth operation at minimum and maximum working centres.

  • Fully machined to produce precise and smooth profiles
  • Optional Tooth profile induction hardening to increase wear resistance
  • A wide range of materials available

Bearing Housings & Liners

Fully machined Bearing housings and liners manufactured in a range of Bronze material options such as BS1400: LG-4, PB-1, PB-2, SAE-64 and SAE-67.

  • Optional Water cooled designed liners

Trashplates & Scrapers

  • Fully machine cut teeth to ensure smooth profiles
  • Optional hardfacing

Conventional Couplings & Tailbars

Manufactured and Machined according to customers requirements in a variety of materials.

Multi-Misalignment Coupling

Designed to eliminate the undesirable effects of Tail-bar & Coupling arrangements. This allows for free floating of the Top Roller which in return has no axial load transmission to the gear. Manufactured in accordance to customer specific requirements & parameters in a variety of sizes.

Slow Speed Gears

Sonkor Engineering offers a range of gears from 56” up to 84”. Our Single-piece casted gears are fully machined with machine cut teeth and key-wayed according to the Manufacturing Drawing prepared by us.

  • We offer a range of materials such as Cast steel to AISI 1045
  • Normalised & Hardness testing


Sonkor Engineering offers fully machined solutions based on existing drawings from the customer.

Cane Knife Rotor

Triple Blade Cane Knife Assembly
Double Blade Cane Knife Assembly

Shredder Rotors

Designed to achieve very fine sugar cane by separating the fibres and opening the cell wall efficiently.

  • Hardfacing of Palms
  • Machining of Palms Landing
  • Keyway Machining
  • Skim & Polish Bearing Journals
  • Alignment Checks

Shredder Hammers & Blocks

Cane Knives & Tips

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