Unit Equipment

Cane Milling Equipment​

Sonkor Engineering offers a wide range of technical & design services to optimize milling performance according to the customer’s needs.  Our portfolio consists of a large range of mill sizes, which are tailor-made.

Qadri-Skoda Design

55”x 95” 4-Roll Mill

Fives Fletcher Design

50” x 100” 4-Roll Mill

Qadri-Skoda Design

39” x 72” 4-Roll Mill

Qadri-Skoda Design

42” x 84” 4-Roll Mill

Fives Cail Design

MillMax® 102”

Cane Shredders

Vertically Fed Shredder Assembly
Horizontally Fed Shredder Assembly

Cane Knife Assembly

Sonkor Engineering offers a wide range of solutions for the complete replacement of shafts, palms, knives, shrink plates along with supporting hardware according to the customers’ need. Our portfolio consists of the various assemblies:

  • Vertically Fed shredder
  • Horizontally Fed shredder
  • Triple Blade Cane Knife Assemblies
  • Double Blade Cane Knife Assemblies
  • Shredder Hammers & Block
  • Cane Knifes & Tips
  • Shredder Rotors

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